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Dissent Ski GFX Pro Fit

Dissent Ski GFX Pro Fit

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Unquestionably the thinnest and most precision fit sock available, for high-output skiing, snowboarding, and backcountry use. The Pro Fit Compression Nano was the first compression ski sock on the market, delivering custom fit for ultimate bootfitting perfection since 2012. A decade later, it is still our best-seller.

  • Ultra Thin
  • Locked-On Fit
  • Ultimate Breathability
  • Unique Blister Prevention

An industry first for freeride-touring, and performance boot-fit perfection. For any Backcountry use, ski-touring, or for a low-volume custom fit boot, this sock is a game-changer. Unmatched ankle compression fit for zero slippage minimizes the chances of heel/ankle rub and blisters. This is the ultimate freeride ski-touring base line set-up.

Engineered usage of Nanoglide anti-friction teflon/PTFE yarn in the heel and ankle - further improved heel/ankle comfort and blister prevention when touring. The engineered technical yarns and knit provides capillary action and exceptional moisture management. Unlike other socks (wool or synthetic), the Ski Pro Fit Compression Tour maintains a perfect fit even when wet, critical for all day comfort and blister prevention.


For instep and heel fitting precision, we measure for foot size first. For larger calf sizes, and if already at the top of the foot size-range, consider the incrementally larger size for the Ski Pro Fit Compression sock.

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